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Cirle stories

Since my youth I was fascinated by circle stories. Stories that end where they start. Like a twelve, it just starts again.
Stories withouut an end and a bit without a start. And not only written stories. Almost everybody knows the drawings of M.C.Escher, for who do not know them: this is the link to the official website: .
In music we do also know many examples of circle stories. The most famous is probably "There's a hole in the bucket", here on You Tube in the great version Harry Belafonte and Odetta:

Of course there are more examples and we want to collect them. We invite everybody who has some examples from the past or today, circle stories..written, music mathematics, theatre or whatever...we'll appreciate it when you send us a mail (to with information or a link to the website where you found it. This can be yours also.

We collect and organize it and more. Ware very interested in what you know about your circle stories...and the more languages the better.

To start, we published on FaceBook some pictures of a story I wrote myself, Isabel van Duijne did the real work: she made the drawings.
Here you can see the photo's:

roby bellemans

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